Membership Benefits

There are three levels of Membership in HWBC:

HWBC General Membership

Free to join

Just submit your name and email address

Free Guidance

You will be contacted by a successful Top Club Member to act as your guide to building wealth and enhancing your health

Unlimited Access

Members have access to all of the information on the web site

Members may join under the HWBC Team at Rapid Online Income (ROI) where you will discover how to generate multiple streams of online income.

Most people will tell you that one of the fastest ways to build additional income streams is to start an online business. The problem is that there is often a long learning curve before they ever get their first online income stream setup and, if they are new to online businesses, it often takes more money to start up than they realized.

Imagine if you had an online business expert, a real guru, take you by the hand and show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to start your very own online business without spending a fortune in startup costs.

And that’s where we come in… Join the HWBC Team at ROI

$10 entry plus $2.50 admin fee

HWBC Equity Membership

Equity members must become a HL distributor and earn a minimum of 500 Personal Volume Points with Herbalife.

Total Value of this level of Membership is $15,512.50

Equity Members receive all of the benefits of a General Member PLUS

Free Email Account

You may have a HWBC email account that redirects your incoming email to your email address

Online Promotion

You will be entered into an online directory of top HL distributors, which is heavily marketed online

You must maintain a monthly sales volume of 100 Volume Points in order to continue to receive benefit of this online promotion directory

Your Top Club Sponsoring Member will purchase the ROI cyber marketing course for you

Valued at $12.50

You will receive FIVE Equity Shares in HWBC, LLC

Limited to first 1,000 HL Distributors with min purchase of $150

Valued at $500.00

You may purchase additional equity shares in HWBC at $100 per share

Maximum of 15 additional shares

You will be able to enter into a Savings Program earning 5% to 10% annualized returns on your savings certificates

Earn a 1% marketing fee for referring others to this incredibly powerful investment club

You will be invited to participate in a limited number of investment opportunities with Top Club Members

You may apply to enroll in HWBC University

  • Scholarship for Tuition
  • Must pass interviews with Mentors
  • Must be invited by a Top Club Member
  • Valued at $15,000
  • Access to Mentors after graduation who will continue to help you build your business

  • You may purchase additional shares of stock in ROI, LLC for $100.00

  • HWBC Top Club Membership

    Top Club Memberships are automatically conferred onto an Equity Member once the Equity Member becomes a Supervisor with HL

    Total minimum value of this level of membership is: $2,000 PLUS $10,000 annually

    • You will be listed as a Top Club Member and promoted on HWBC Web page
      • Valued at $2,500 annually
    • You will receive TWENTY Equity Shares in HWBC, LLC
      • limited to first 500 Supervisor Level Members
      • Valued at $2,000
    • You may purchase additional equity shares in HWBC at $100 per share
      • maximum of 20 additional shares
    • You will be invited to participate in investment opportunities with Top Club Members
      • NOTE: Some Top Club Members are making 6 figure incomes through passive real estate investments
    • You will be invited to participate in Quarterly Top Club Business Building Days
      • Valued at $7,500 annually