Have you been struggling in your weight loss journey? Maybe it’s time you get the support you need. There is no shame in knowing when you need help and admitting it. You don’t have to go this alone. There are plenty of people out there, on the same journey that will share the journey with you.

What kinds of support should you seek?

Motivational Partner
If you struggle with getting yourself going and then keeping yourself going, maybe you need a motivational partner. You need someone who will support you and rev you up to do the exercise and to talk you out of eating that big piece of chocolate cake. Having a motivational partner is a great idea. Too often it is much harder to go this alone. Negative self talk sets in and before long you’re back to your old habits. Stop the cycle, find a friend who will be the voice of reason for you, one who will inspire you to do better.

Accountability Partner
You know those times that you skip exercise for the day and no matter how mad you get at yourself, you still do it? Perhaps you need an accountability partner, someone you have to check in with daily and make a progress report too. The key is, you will also hold them accountable for keeping up with their diet and weight loss plan.

Don’t forget, your accountability partner can be the same person as your motivational partner. Simply meet up in the morning, either online, on the phone or in person and have your morning motivational session. Then, at the end of the day meet up again and report your progress to one another.

Exercise Partner
Studies show that people who have a partner to exercise with are more likely to stick with the program and lose more weight than those people who go it alone. Exercise is a lot more fun when someone is there with you that you can talk to and share the experience with. Plus, being able to talk to someone will help you monitor if you’re working out too hard or not hard enough. If you can speak normally, you’re not working out hard enough. You’ll want to pick the pace up a bit.

Personal Coach
If you can afford a personal coach or trainer this is an excellent way to go. A personal coach will motivate you, hold you accountable and give the kick in the pants you need when you’re trying to slack. They are also trained to help you devise an eating plan, an exercise plan and to make sure you’re performing exercises with the proper technique and form.

Online Groups
There are tons of online groups you can join to get the support you need. One such site is our very own Healthy Wealth Builders Club! It’s receiving national recognition on the big news sites. There’s tons of great tools you can use, plus meet people in groups that share the same interests as you.

There are times when you really could use a little help from your friends. Stay committed to your weight loss goals and get the people on your side who will help you the most. Even if this means getting out and making new friends.