was founded by four successful individuals from diverse business backgrounds  in real estate development, home building, lending, web property development, marketing and the wellness field.

What they share in common, besides being results-driven and determined to be successful in anything they undertake, is the desire to help others reach their individual health and financial goals. after all, when you decide to help others it is also a good motivator in keeping yourself on track.

One of the projects that brought them together in the first place is that they all happen to be Independent Herbalife Distributors at the Supervisor or above level.

The benefits of HWBC Club Membership can be found nowhere else and well-worth investigating if you, too, have the desire to become healthy and wealthy.

Unfortunately, Club Membership is by invitation only.  Contact one of the Founding Members if you would like to know the prerequisites to becoming a full member in the Healthy Wealth Builders Club.

However, you do not need to be a Healthy Wealth Builders Club Member in order to become informed on health and wealth building topics. Just click on the Health & Wealth Tips link in the top menu.