The Healthy Wealth Builders Club has joined with TX Fit Clubs and wants to help you by challenging you to participate in the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Program that is outlined below.

This Challenge runs from August 15 – November 15. If you choose to accept this challenge and start achieving your wellness goals as well as helping others achieve their own then please read on.

90 Day Weight Challenge Loss Banner

So, what’s expected of the Challenge Participants and what’s in it for them?

 Participants must submit a before photo and a wellness assessment so that judges can make an accurate comparison at the end of 90 days.

 Participants must write an endorsement once they start seeing results and to post comments, photos, and results to either the website or the official Facebook page. Participants should understand that these submissions will be visible to the public.

Participants must find 3 referrals that can be contacted by HWBC staff OR participants can contact HWBC staff and go over the Herbalife business opportunity where they can work together to build a team and make some extra money on the side.

Participants will receive a free weight loss kit for the first portion of the challenge, but will have to purchase any additional kits or other products during the remainder of the challenge with their own money. Current Herbalife customers or product users will not receive a free weight loss kit and are expected to pay for their own resources.

This 90 Day Challenge is a contest with two categories. Each category has a prize for the winner.

 $500 to the winner of the men’s weight loss challenge

 $500 to the winner of the women’s weight loss challenge

The winners of the weight loss challenge will be selected based upon weight loss, inches lost, fat loss and lean muscle gain. The judges will also consider changes in medications because of weight loss but this will have to be confirmed by a letter from the Challenge Participants primary care physician. All of this will be considered when declaring the winner. Participants are strongly encouraged to keep accurate records through the 90 days so that they judges can determine the best overall success story.

Are you going to accept this challenge?