I am feeling very generous and I want to help you by challenging you to participate in the 90 Day Challenge Programs that are outlined below. This Challenge runs from August 15 – November 15. If you want to accept this challenge and start helping people achieve their wellness goals as well as increase your income then please read on. Otherwise reply to this email and write NO THANKS in the subject line and I’ll not bother you again with laying out a program to help you hit your goals.

90 Day Weight Challenge Loss Banner

1. You are able to participate in either of the challenges but I will not buy your first 30 days of product. However, you are eligible for the prizes detailed below.

2. Choose as many people as you can manage, coach, encourage and promote who want to participate in either a weight loss challenge or who want to participate in a physique challenge to enhance their muscle, strength and maximize the benefits of their physical activity to optimize their results.

3. Once you have selected your Challenge Participants get with me to pull together a product package for each person. We’ll either give them a weight loss program package or a Herbalife 24 package tailored to their needs and based upon the results of the wellness assessment that you have given to them. You can help out by working with your physique challenge participants by going over the products with them at http://performancenutrition.herbalife.com/en/. Use the customization tool on the website to identify the products that will benefit their activity and level.

4. Explain to them that you are asking them to commit to a 90 day program. Although we are giving them the product for the first 30 days so that they can see how beneficial these products are for them, the products needed for the second and third month will be their financial responsibility.

5. Ask them to strongly consider purchasing a Herbalife Membership. Explain to them that they should do this because for their second and third month they will be able to buy their product at a discount of at least 25%! Also, for their $70 lifetime membership, they are receiving about $100 in sample products. Also, explain to them that once they start seeing results, their friends are going to start asking them about the products so they may as well set themselves up so that they can sell the products and make money. B U T – this is completely optional and is not a requirement to participate in either of the 90 Day Challenges.

What’s expected of the Challenge Participants and what’s in it for them?

· Ask for a before photo. Please get with them and take a wellness assessment so that you will have measurements AND photos to make a comparison at the end of 90 days.

· Ask them to write an endorsement once they start seeing results and to send comments, photos and results to you on a regular basis. You, in turn, will be posting that information to TX Fit Clubs Facebook page and encourage them to do the same.

· After they write an endorsement ask them for 3 referrals that you can contact OR go over the business opportunity again and tell them that you can call their referrals together and maybe your Challenge Participant can make some money for referral people to the products. Build their team while you are building yours.

· Tell your 90 Day Challenge Participants that this is a contest with four categories. Each category has a prize for the winner.

o $500 to the winner of the men’s weight loss challenge

o $500 to the winner of the women’s weight loss challenge

o $500 to the winner of the men’s physique building challenge

o $500 to the winner of the women’s physique building challenge

· The winners of the weight loss challenge will be selected based upon weight loss, inches lost, fat loss and lean muscle gain. The judges will also consider changes in medications because of weight loss but this will have to be confirmed by a letter from the Challenge Participants primary care physician. All of this will be considered when declaring the winner. SO – as a health coach you really need to not only motivate and coach your Challenge Participants but you also need to keep accurate records through the 90 days so that they judges can determine the best overall success story.

· The winners of the physique building challenge will not only win a $500 prize BUT they will be asked to be spokes models for TFC and be paid for use of their images or to appear at events representing TFC.

What’s expected of you and what’s in it for you?

· You are expected to post results, comments, photos, etc of your Challenge Participants on the TFC FB page. We’ll give you access to the FB page so that you can make posts.

· You are expected to stay on top of your Challenge Participants to make sure that they are using the products. Be available to answer any questions that they have, chart their progress, suggest other products that you think will give them an edge to achieve their results.

· Encourage them to become members of Herbalife so that they can have a discount when the purchase their second and third month of product. And so that when their friends start asking them about the differences that they are seeing in them, they can sell the products to their friends.

· Lastly, you, the health coach who coaches a Challenge Participant winner will also receive a $500 cash prize AND earn points towards the Caribbean Cruise with me in June 2015.

Are you going to accept this challenge?